How does it work?

Since The Welkin Suite was created for developers by fellow developers, it aims to solve a number of problems you may come across in your coding experience. This implies the simplification of some processes to improve coding velocity, introducing alternative ways to solve conventional issues, and a lot of room for customization — all to show you how pleasant Salesforce development can get.

In this section:

  • How to install The Welkin Suite — a detailed guide for installing the IDE step by step,
  • How to start your first Project in TWS — the basics you need to know to start using TWS IDE: how to download projects or solutions, how to modify your project structure, pull changes, etc.,
  • Salesforce DX support — all about the Salesforce DX support in The Welkin Suite,
  • How to work with Solution Explorer — an overview of the Solution Explorer panel and the main actions you can perform in it, such as add or delete new items, filter elements, etc.,
  • How to work with Built-in Editor — an overview of the editors, such as Apex Editor, Visualforce Editor, etc.,
  • Code Assistance — all about the great functionality of Code Assistance that helps you to develop easier and more efficient, because it performs all the routine operations itself,
  • General operations in TWS — a step-by-step overview on how to pull changes from Salesforce, build or deploy your project,
  • Tools in TWS — a huge topic that describes all the tools of the IDE and their abilities,
  • External Services Integrations — all about the abilities to combine the IDE with other external tools in one window,
  • Declarative Development — all about the great point-n-click development capabilities in The Welkin Suite,
  • Teamwork and Version Control — detailed instructions about exploring the history of the local changes within a project and using the Git functionality inside The Welkin Suite without switching to other applications,
  • How to search through the Project — an introduction of all the ways you can search through your project: quick search, auto-search, find and replace etc,
  • Logging in TWS — all about different log files that The Welkin Suite writes during your work.

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