Automated formatting

The Automated formatting functionality helps you to make your code more readable by fixing all space issues, aligning the code and comments properly just in a few clicks.

Code formatting includes indenting (with tabs or a customizable number of spaces), spaces correction around arithmetical and boolean operators, braces (including square and curly).

Automated formatting

In The Welkin Suite, an opened document can be formatted in two ways:

  • the Main Menu: Edit ⇒ Format Code

Automated formatting from the Main Menu

  • with the hotkey Ctrl+Q.

By default, The Welkin Suite uses tabs for indenting. You can change this behavior in the Options Menu: Main Menu ⇒ Tools ⇒ Options ⇒ Text Editor ⇒ Apex ⇒ Tabs and check the Insert spaces radio button. You can also specify the number of spaces used for indenting in Tab Size input.

NB: As for now, the Automated formatting feature is available only for the Apex language.

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