Usage of Code Snippets

The Welkin Suite offers you several ways to insert a snippet into your code, so you can choose what fits your needs the most.

  • The easiest and the quickest way is just to start typing a snippet. You will see the appropriate variants in the Code Completion list. Double-сlick on the necessary one.

Insert a snippet by typing

  • The next way is to insert a snippet from the Main Menu: Edit ⇒ Code Completion ⇒ Insert Snippet.

Insert snippet from the Main Menu

You will get a list of available snippets. Click on any snippet and you will see its tooltip. Double-clicking inserts a snippet into the code.

Insert a snippet Menu

  • One more way to insert a snippet is to use the context menu. You should put the caret in the code where you want to insert a snippet, right-click and select the option insert snippet from the context menu. Then select the snippet that you need from the appeared list.

Insert a snippet from the context menu

  • Finally, you can press the hotkey Ctrl+K, Ctrl+X.

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