Comment and Uncomment

It is a common situation when it is required to comment out some functionality block of a code to have a clear understanding what it does. Instead of doing it manually for each line, in The Welkin Suite, you can use the Comment block feature. To remove an unnecessary or out-of-date comment there is the Uncomment block option.

To mark a text as a comment, select a block of description and click the Comment button in the editor's panel.

These options also are available via the hotkeys:

  • Comment — Ctrl+K, Ctrl+С,
  • Uncomment — Ctrl+K, Ctrl+U.

The Welkin Suite will add / / at the beginning of each line from the selected block and mark the whole block in green color. This part of the code will be ignored during execution.

The comment

NB: Remember to update comments when you update the function.

In this section:

This also may be useful:

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