Javascript syntax highlighting

Javascript syntax highlighting is available within the Lightning Components, Static Resources, .js and .html files as well as in Visualforce pages and components. Currently such items are highlighted in the Javascript files:

  • class identifier — marked in mint color,
  • comment — marked in green color,
  • identifier — marked in silver color,
  • interface or enum identifier — marked in light olive color,
  • keyword — marked in light blue color,
  • number — marked in light olive color,
  • operator — marked in grey color,
  • string — marked in light brown color.

Javascript syntax highlighting

You can customize syntax highlighting in the way you like. Go to the Options Menu: Main Menu ⇒ Tools ⇒ Options ⇒ Fonts and Colors, find items that are related to the Javascript files and specify the desired settings.

Customize Javascript syntax highlighting

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