XML Code Completion for sObjects and Custom Tabs

XML Code Completion functionality is a great helper in the development process: it saves your time, improves your coding velocity, helps to avoid mistakes, and much more. It is available within sObjects and Custom Tabs in your TWS project in the XML Editor.

In order to use the XML Code Completion, just start typing a necessary tag — a list of possible tags in suggestions according to your current context appears right after you type <. The Welkin Suites follows the Salesforce rules for XML completion, so you won't get the completion suggestions tags, which were already used, and which should appear only once throughout the file.

All suggestions are supplemented with descriptive hints. These hits also may include the requirements for a tag. You also can see them if hover a cursor over a tag in the editor.

Hints for XML Code Completion

After typing the closing bracket >, the closing tag is placed automatically, and your cursor is located inside it, so you can enter the necessary value, or select it from the suggestions list that appears. This list includes acceptable variants for this tag, for example, true and false for the <encrypted> tag. In cases, when the tag does not have predefined values, the suggestions list won't appear.

All the errors are handled immediately. You can see them in the Error list panel as warnings. Such warnings include information about missing required tags and tags that are possible to insert.

Errors in XML code completion

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