Approval Processes

In the case, when a field is used in one or multiple approval processes, you can see the Approval Processes node in the tree on the left side of the report. In the 'Object view', you can see the list of approval processes where the field is used as child items, while in the 'Type view' you can see the list of sObjects as child items and approval processes on the second level.

Approval Processes

All occurrences within an approval process are grouped into the following categories (child nodes):

  • Entry Criteria — different criteria where the field is used,
  • Final Approval Actions — 'Field Update' or 'Email Alert' actions included into the corresponding group of actions in your approval process:
    • For field updates, the IDE looks in both the field, that will be updated, and in the formula,
    • For email alerts, the IDE looks in the 'Recipients' setting and in the HTML version of a template, while ignoring a plain text version of a template,
  • Final Rejection Actions — the same as above,
  • Initial Submission Actions — the same as above,
  • Recall Actions — the same as above,
  • Step Approval Actions — the same as above. Please note that actions are not grouped by steps here — all approval actions from all steps are shown as child nodes for this group,
  • Step Rejection Actions — the same as above,
  • Approval Page Fields.

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