sObjects Editor

The Welkin Suite appreciates your time and carries for your efficiency. Thus our IDE offers you a wholesome feature — to manage all the objects and their related data in one place.

As usual, any organization includes a lot of different objects, each of them has its own fields, and fields also have different levels of security. The sObject editor in The Welkin Suite allows you to review all the fields of any object (including sObjects and fields from installed managed packages), create new ones, manage the field-level security, add them to a layout — without switching to any other application.

Once you open any object file in the editor, you'll get the sObject editor in the upper part of the split editor. It consists of three tabs, depending on the purpose: Fields, Fields Level Security, Layouts.

sObjects Editor

You can easily switch between the tabs and the editor using tabs. To change the position of the editor or a tab, click on the Convert button. In addition, you can collapse the lower part completely — just click on the double down arrows in the top right corner of it.

In this section:

  • Fields tab — allows you to review all the existing fields in the object and create new ones,
  • Fields Level Security tab — manage permissions for the fields for different profiles at this tab,
  • Layouts tab — here you can easily add a field to a specific layout.

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