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Pending Changes Panel

The Welkin Suite provides you to control your local changes. The Pending Changes panel allows you to see what changes will be sent to Salesforce on the next build, compare the current version of the file with the last built version and cancel changes for each file.

To show the Pending Changes panel, click in the Main Menu: View ⇒ Pending Changes.

Pending Changes Panel

Here are all the files with the local changes that will be sent to Salesforce during the next build.

The list of files with the pending changes

The Pending Changes panel offers you 2 actions for each file with a pending change:

  • Discard — it restores the previously built / pulled version of the file,
  • Compare — it opens the Diff viewer with the current version of the file and the one that was built previously.

Any of these actions also can be done from the context menu of an item.

In addition, there's the Discard All button that discards all pending changes.

You can navigate to a necessary file by double-clicking on it in the pending Changes panel.

NB: The Discard and Compare options work only if the Local History feature is enabled.

Comparing tool

The Compare feature is a suitable tool for visualizing the differences between the current version of the file and the version that you have selected.

Diff view for comparing the versions

All the changes between the versions are highlighted:

  • a red background means that the content was deleted in the newer version,
  • green highlighting means that the content was added in the most recent version.

However, you can always see this legend in the bottom of the Diff viewer. In addition, you can see a 'map' of the changes across the file right in the scrollbar.

All the options of the Compare tool also can be reached on the Compare Files toolbar.


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