Navigation in TWS

The Welkin Suite provides different tools to improve navigation within a project, starting from a simple function as Auto-search in a file by selecting some text up to the intelligent functionality of Find and Replace.

In addition, you can use the Back & Forward navigation in all the editors to move to the previous caret position in the current document or in some other document even if it is closed. You are able to use navigation options in two ways:

  • the Ctrl+- and Ctrl+Shift+- hotkeys to navigate back and forward accordingly,
  • the buttons in the main toolbar Navigation buttons in the main toolbar

If you click on the arrow near the backward button, you will see all the opened files with the caret's position.

All the opened files

In this section:

  • Auto-Search in File — a handy option that automatically searches the selected text,
  • Quick Search — a search option that can be activated by a simple hotkey,
  • Find in all files — if you need to find some piece of code somewhere in the whole project, this option helps you do this in a few clicks,
  • Extended Search Functionality — all the options of the extended search are united here,
  • Find & Replace Options — when you need not only to find a code phrase but also to replace it another, this option is the best solution.

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