Extended Search Functionality

Both the Quick search and Find in Files methods have a lot of Extended search functionality. To use it, just expand the Find options or Result options groups.

Extended Search

Find options:

  • Match case — it makes the search case-sensitive,
  • Match whole word — this search returns only the whole word matches,
  • Use Regular Expressions — you can use special notations to define the patterns of text to be matched in the Find what or Replace with text boxes. For a list of these notations, see Using Regular Expressions for more information about the supported regular expressions format.
  • Look at these file types — you can select the files types that you need for the search. Here are such options:
    • files .vb, .resx, .xsd, .wsdl, .htm, .html, .aspx, .ascx, .asmx, .svc, .asax, .config, .asp, .asa, .cshtml, .vbhtml, .css, .xml,
    • only .txt files,
    • any type of files.

Result options:

  • the radio button in the List results in section allows you to choose the window for displaying the search results: Find result 1 or Find result 2. Using two search result windows at the same time can be suitable when you have two searches simultaneously and you need to see both results. These windows open automatically to display your search results. To open them manually, select View ⇒ Find Results ⇒ Find Results 1 (Find Result 2).
  • the flag Display files names only — displays a list of the files containing search matches rather than displaying the search matches themselves.

The results panel

In this section:

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