Find in all files

The most convenient option to search through the whole solution is using the Find in files search method that extends the Quick search functionality and allows you to specify the set of files you want to search in. Found matches are listed in the Find Result window. You can activate the Find in files search method by pressing the Ctrl+Shift+F3 hotkey or choosing this option from the Main Menu: Edit ⇒ Find and Replace ⇒ Find in Files.

This dialog also has buttons for a quick switch between the Find in Files and Replace in Files functionality.

Find in all files

The Find and Replace window offers you following tools:

  • Find want — the current search expression. Clicking on the drop-down list allows you to see a list of the previous search terms. Next to this text input you can find the Expression Builder button. It helps you to build and use one or more regular expressions in your search string. The Expression Builder is available only if the Use regular expression option is checked, please see Using Regular Expressions for more information about the supported regular expressions format.

Regular expressions

  • Look in — the area where the files for a search are located. You can select one of the predefined location:
    • a selection,
    • the current document,
    • all opened documents,
    • an entire solution,
    • the current project,
    • an entire solution with external items,
    • the current project with external items,
    • last chosen location;

or you can Choose Search folders using the Browse (…) button. This dialog window allows you to set your own search set. You can also type a path directly into the Look in box.

Choose search folders

  • Include sub-folders — this flag allows searching not only in just parent folders but also in sub-folders.
  • Find options and Result options — here you can select options, how you want to search and see the results. See more about these options in Extended Search Functionality section.
  • the Find Next, Find Previous, and Find All buttons — they start the search and allow you to iterate through the search result. The Find All button also opens the Find Result window.
  • the Bookmark All button — it sets bookmarks on each code line where the search result is found.

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