Quick Search

The Quick Search functionality gives more options than just the Auto-Search in a file method. You can activate it by pressing the Ctrl+F hotkey or choosing this function from the Main Menu: Edit ⇒ Find and Replace ⇒ Quick find. After the Quick search is activated you will see the input window at the top right corner of the IDE's window.

Quick Search

Quick search has following controls:

  • Find what — the current search expression. Clicking on the X button will clear it. Clicking on the drop-down list next to the clear button allows you to see a list of the previous search terms,
  • Search direction — clicking on the arrow to the right of the Find what input allows you to go to the next find result. The drop-down list next to this arrow allows you to Find next, Find previous, or Find all matches. For more convenience, you can press F3 to find the next occurrence of the same term (and continue this repeatedly). Pressing Shift+F3 will inverse the search direction,
  • Match case — it makes the search case-sensitive. It also can be done by the hotkey Alt+С,
  • Match whole word — this search returns only whole word matches. It also can be done by the Alt+W hotkey,
  • Use Regular Expressions — you can use the special notations to define patterns of a text to be matched in the Find what text box. It also can be done by the Alt+E hotkey,
  • Search scope — a drop-down list that allows selecting the place where the search will be done. Using this option you can search through the current document, all the opened documents, the current project, or an entire solution.

Clicking on the arrow icon to the left of the Find what input will transform the Quick find window to the Quick replace window.

The matches will be automatically highlighted in the code editor and on the scrollbar. In this example, the session search term is used.

Quick search highlighting

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