Managing files in a project

The Welkin Suite gives you the ability to easily manage content in your project at any time you need it. You can either add new items or delete unnecessary ones in just a few clicks.

Adding new files to a project

You can include any number of new items, that are present or recently created in your organization but absent in your project, at any time. Use for this purpose the Pull from Salesforce functionality.

First off, to be able to get the newest files, you need to turn on the Subscribe option for a metadata type. You can do this in two ways:

  • during the creation of a project — on a step of selecting metadata click on the Subscribe button next to the metadata type you need,
  • for an existing project — open the Project metadata components window and click on the Subscribe button next to the metadata type you need.

Next step is to run the pull process. Open the Pull from Salesforce window, then select any additional items you want to download from Salesforce if needed (this step is optional). After the pull process is finished successfully, you'll get all new items of those metadata types, where you turn on the 'Subscribe' option. You can see the completed list on the summary screen of pull with the Added mark.

NB: The new files that are downloaded from Salesforce within the 'Subscribe' option aren't shown at the first step of the pull process. They are added at the end of the process.

In case, if you need to add a new metadata type, do the same steps: mark necessary types in the 'Project metadata components' window and pull from Salesforce.

Deleting files from a project

Deleting files from your project is very simple. All you need to do is to open the Project metadata components window and uncheck unnecessary files. They will be removed from your project immediately.

NB: This action applies only to your project's content, the files remain present in your Salesforce organization. If you've turned on the 'Subscribe' option for this metadata type, you'll get them as new files during the next pull process.

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