Authentication using OAuth

The Welkin Suite helps you to strengthen the security of your projects. You are able not to store the credentials in the project file inside the IDE — you can get access to an org using OAuth for authentication. OAuth allows you to log in without sharing your login and password; it provides to the IDE a secure delegated access to server resources on your behalf. For example, you use this standard for authentication, when you log in to websites via Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. accounts.

This method is available during the creation of a new project. In the Download Salesforce Project window, check the box Use OAuth for authentication and the fields for credentials will disappear.

Use OAuth for authentication

The next action is to select the Salesforce environment that you're going to work on and click the Next button. You will be redirected to the Salesforce login page, where you need to enter your credentials.

When the authentication is successfully finished, you will be asked to allow access for The Welkin Suite to your org. This is actual during only the first connection to your organization using OAuth authentication. Click the Allow button. Now you can back to The Welkin Suite and continue your work without being disturbed by any needed authentication.

Allow Access

You're also able to share your OAuth project with colleagues. When your co-worker opens your OAuth project, he will get an opened Salesforce login page, where he will need to enter his credentials.

Expired OAuth credentials

In case, your OAuth credentials expire, you will get the appropriate message with any TWS operation that causes contact with Salesforce.

Expired OAuth credentials

Click the Authorize button to enter your credentials on the Salesforce login page. If you click the Cancel button, the message will appear during the next contact to the server.


You are free to re-authorize with OAuth authentication to your organization at any time. To do this, navigate to the Main Menu: Project ⇒ Re-authorize with OAuth authentication.

Re-authorize from the Main Menu

You'll get an opened dialog, that your credentials will be changed after authorization. Click the Authorize button to continue.


On the next step, you need to enter your credentials at the Salesforce login page. When the action succeeded, you get a notification message.

Re-authorization succeeded

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