How to work with Built-in Editor

The Built-in Editor is your main tool in the development process. The Welkin Suite's Editor provides you with a lot of handy features for editing the code, which will make your work much more easier and efficient. The IDE offers you different editors for different metadata types, but you won't feel any discomfort switching between them: the editor's window remains the same. In addition, all The Welkin Suite's text editors provide Code Assistance functionality.

Basic editor's features

All the editors support the main editing options as well as the advanced editing features:

  • the standard commands Cut, Copy and Paste (from the context menu or pressing the standard hotkeys Ctrl+X, Ctrl+С, Ctrl+V),
  • the multiple commands Undo and Redo (using the buttons on the toolbar or pressing the standard hotkeys Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+Y),
  • automatic error and warning marks,
  • different syntax highlighting for different languages,
  • line numbers on the left margin of the editor,
  • Zoom — a drop-down list with a percentage of view (also can be done by Ctrl+ a mouse wheel).

All the editing features are also available via the Standard toolbar and the Text Editor toolbar.

In the context menu of the file's tab in the code editor you can find a lot of useful features for quick closing the documents:

  • Close — closes the current document (also can be done by the Ctrl+F4 hotkey),
  • Clos All Documents — closes all the opened documents,
  • Close All But This — closes all the opened documents except the current one,
  • Close All *.[type] Files — closes all the documents of the same type as the current document (classes, pagrs, etc.).

You can customize any editor in TWS as you want. To do so, go to the Options Menu: Main Menu ⇒ Tools ⇒ Options… ⇒ Text Editor ⇒ All Languages.

In this section:

  • How to start working with the editor — find your own approach to start editing code.
  • Apex Editor — all the possibilities of the Apex editor — the most used language in Salesforce development.
  • Visualforce Editor — a handy tool for editing the web pages of your org.
  • Lightning Editor — develop your own components and applications based on the Lightning Components framework directly in The Welkin Suite.
  • CSS Editor — a simple editor for creating customized CSS stylesheets in order to style the web part of your org.
  • HTML Editor — a standard HTML editor.
  • Javascript editor — syntax highlighting, auto-indent, and code formatting for Javascript out-of-the-box.
  • Image editor — in-place preview and minor edits for images directly in the IDE.
  • XML editor — a dedicated editor for work with a format for describing data and also for presenting the data in a browser.
  • Advanced editing features — use additional editing functions that help you develop faster and more efficient,
  • Advanced save options — when you need to change the encoding or line endings of a file, you can do it, using these options.

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