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 In addition, the Lightning Editor itself may use the elements of [[windows:​how_does_it_work:​how_to_work_with_built-in_editor:​html_editor:​start|HTML]],​ [[windows:​how_does_it_work:​how_to_work_with_built-in_editor:​css_editor:​start|CSS]] and [[windows:​how_does_it_work:​how_to_work_with_built-in_editor:​javascript_editor:​start|Javascript]] code. In addition, the Lightning Editor itself may use the elements of [[windows:​how_does_it_work:​how_to_work_with_built-in_editor:​html_editor:​start|HTML]],​ [[windows:​how_does_it_work:​how_to_work_with_built-in_editor:​css_editor:​start|CSS]] and [[windows:​how_does_it_work:​how_to_work_with_built-in_editor:​javascript_editor:​start|Javascript]] code.
-===== Lightning Code Assistance ===== 
-In the Lightning Editor, you can find lots of handy features of [[windows:​how_does_it_work:​code_assistance|Code Assistance]] that make your development faster and more convenient: 
-  * **[[windows:​how_does_it_work:​code_assistance:​code_outlining:​start|Code Outlining]]** --- it divides your code into separate code blocks between opening and closing tags, and it gives you the ability to selectively hide the parts of a code that you don't need right now, 
-  * **[[windows:​how_does_it_work:​code_assistance:​code_completion:​start#​closing_tag_completion|Closing tag completion]]** --- the editor automatically creates a closing tag once you write an opening tag. Please note that when you change the opening tag, the closing tag is also automatically changed to match it; 
-  * **[[windows:​how_does_it_work:​code_assistance:​code_completion:​start|Code Completion]]** for HTML tags, CSS declarations and inline CSS --- intelligent code completion and hints are displayed automatically for HTML tags, their attributes, inline (inside a style attribute) CSS and standalone CSS code, 
-  * **[[windows:​how_does_it_work:​code_assistance:​markup_completion:​start|Markup Completion]]** --- handy feature for work with Lightning Components and Applications,​ 
-  * **[[windows:​how_does_it_work:​code_assistance:​javascript_syntax_highlighting:​start|Javascript syntax highlighting]]** --- a handy feature that highlightes the different elements of Javascript code to make it more readable, 
-  * **[[windows:​how_does_it_work:​code_assistance:​comment_uncomment:​start|Comment / Uncomment]]** --- a simple tool for leaving comments for the selected part of a code. 
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