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Lightning Editor

The Lightning Component framework is a UI framework for developing dynamic single-page web apps for mobile and desktop devices. You can develop these applications and components directly in the IDE in the same way as developing with Apex or Visualforce. The Welkin Suite gives you the ability to create new bundles, manage bundle items like Helpers, Controllers, Documentation, Renderer, and Style from the Lightning Bundles Explorer. Encapsulate HTML, Javascript and CSS into your components to create reusable and functional components with highly improved design.

The Welkin Suite offers you a convenient way to check all your Lightning changes directly in the IDE — use the Lightning previewer.

The Lightning Editor, as well as all other text editors in The Welkin Suite, provides multiple basic and also advanced editing features that may decrease time spent on development.

In addition, the Lightning Editor itself may use the elements of HTML, CSS and Javascript code.

Lightning Code Assistance

In the Lightning Editor, you can find lots of handy features of Code Assistance that make your development faster and more convenient:

  • Code Outlining — it divides your code into separate code blocks between opening and closing tags, and it gives you the ability to selectively hide the parts of a code that you don't need right now,
  • Closing tag completion — the editor automatically creates a closing tag once you write an opening tag. Please note that when you change the opening tag, the closing tag is also automatically changed to match it;
  • Code Completion for HTML tags, CSS declarations and inline CSS — intelligent code completion and hints are displayed automatically for HTML tags, their attributes, inline (inside a style attribute) CSS and standalone CSS code,
  • Markup Completion — handy feature for work with Lightning Components and Applications,
  • Javascript syntax highlighting — a handy feature that highlightes the different elements of Javascript code to make it more readable,
  • Comment / Uncomment — a simple tool for leaving comments for the selected part of a code.

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