How to work with Solution Explorer

The Solution Explorer panel helps you to get the overview of your solution with the included projects. Here you can see the frame of the solution at a glance and at the same time customize the structure of any project. In addition, with the help of the context menu in the Solution Explorer, you can get access to almost all actions of TWS.

In this section:

  • Options of the Solution Explorer — it describes all the ways to quickly find a necessary item in the Solution Explorer,
  • Adding New Items — the multiply ways to add new items to a folder of project are described here,
  • Removing Files — when you don't need some items any more, you can easily remove them.
  • Customizing Project Structure — with the Solution Explorer you are not bounded by the standard project's structure: you can customize it as you want,
  • Properties — view all the properties of any file, folder, project, or even a solution in the Properties window,
  • Context menu of the Solution Explorer — it describes all the additional options that are available from the context menu for a file, folder, project, or solution.

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