Customizing the Project structure

While usually in Salesforce development you are limited by a predefined folders structure: Classes, Triggers, Components, Pages, and so on, in The Welkin Suite you are not limited at all.

To move files between folders, click and drag them to the target folder, once you drop it, your project structure will be updated to reflect the change.

To create new folders in a project, right-click on a project node or on any other folder node in the Solution Explorer, select Add ⇒ New Folder in the context menu, and enter the folder name. There are no nesting limits on the folders, but the folders can’t be moved once they are created.

If you want to move a folder, create a new folder in the desired node, move all files into and remove the old folder. Also, it is not currently allowed to rename or delete folders with files. If you want to rename or delete a folder, please move all files from it and then rename / remove it.

Compatible project structure

The structure of your project in The Welkin Suite is acceptable for building CI. This means that a project's folder in your file system contains two sub-folders with all the metadata files from an org:

  • src — all the metadata components, such as classes, triggers, pages, etc.,
  • resource-bundles — all the static resources in an unzipped state.

In addition, there are also 'AnonymousApex' and 'Soql' folders that are empty by default. These files you create locally during your working process.

In the Solution Explorer of the IDE, all 'service' folders, such as 'src', are hidden.

This approach for handling the project structure also helps you to open your TWS's projects in another IDE.

Thanks to this new project structure, you can use all the benefits of building CI: test and build your code as much often as it's possible, quickly reveal the issues caused by simultaneous work and quickly fix them.

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