Options of the Solution Explorer

The toolbar of the Solution Explorer represents all the options of the navigation, filtering, and exploring properties as buttons at the top of the panel.

The Preview feature works in the following way: once you select any item in the Solution Explorer (with a single mouse click or using the keyboard), its preview is opened in a temporary tab in the editor. You can 'convert' this file to a normal tab by starting to edit it, double-clicking on it in the Solution Explorer, or pressing the Enter button​ when focused on the Solution ​Explorer panel.

The Navigation buttons Navigation Back and Forward Navigates back and forward through your trace a the solution (such as filters, for instance).
The Home button Home Discards all the filters.
The Open Files Filter button Open Files Filter Switches between displaying either all project files or opened files only. Ctrl+[, O
The Pending Changes Filter Pending Changes Filter Filters the files only to those, which have pending changes. Ctrl+[, P
The Collapse All button Collapse All Collapses all the folders and projects in a solution.
The Properties button Properties Opens the Properties window for the selected folder. Alt+Enter
The Preview Selected Items button Preview Selected Items Turns on / off the preview of the files.

Filtering Elements

The Solution Explorer provides two ways of filtering the data of a project's or solution's structure:

  • quickly filter by a filename,
  • filter in opened documents only.

Search Solution Explorer

Search Solution Explorer

When you need to find a specific file in the Solution Explorer, the quickest option is to use the Search Solution Explorer input box in the top of the panel. Click on it (or press the Ctrl+; hotkey to activate this box) and start entering the name (or part of the name) of the file / folder, which you are looking for. The Solution Explorer will immediately filter the displayed items to only those containing the entered search term, preserving the folders structure so you won’t miss the file’s location.

Solution explorer search

The entered filter will stay active until you clear the input inside this box or click the X button at the right side of the box.

Open Files Filter

If you have many opened files in the editor and you would like to show them only in the Solution Explorer for easier navigation, you can do this by using the Open Files Filter option: click on the appropriate button in the toolbar or press the Ctrl+], O hotkey. You can disable the filter by pressing the same hotkey or clicking on a button in the Solution Explorer toolbar.

Open files filter

Hide project items metadata

In addition​, you have an ability to show / hide *-meta.xml files in the Solution Explorer. To do this, go to the Options Menu: Main Menu ⇒ Tools ⇒ Options… ⇒ Projects ⇒ Presentation and check the box Hide project items metadata. After this action, all the metadata will be hidden and any class will be expanded in the Solution Explorer when you open it.

Scope to this feature

Another way of viewing only the necessary data in the Solution Explorer is the Scope to this feature, which allows you to change the root node (which is usually a solution itself) to any folder in your project. To do this, right-click on the folder icon in the Solution Explorer and select the Scope to this option from its context menu. You will see only the project items that are located in the selected folder. To remove this filter press the Back or Home button on the left side of the Solution Explorer toolbar.

Scope to this

The Scope to this filter can be useful when you are working on some specific parts of the project (e.g. developing only Visualforce pages or classes, some separated feature or module of a product etc.).

All the filters provided by the Solution Explorer can be used together in conjunction to allow you to display only the information you need.

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