Properties window

The Properties window shows all general information about a solution, project, file or folder, depending which item you've selected. By default, this panel is pinned under the Solution Explorer, but you are able to customize its placement as you want.

You can open the Properties window in three ways:

  • go to the Main Menu: View ⇒ Properties Window (the F4 hotkey). If you didn't select any item in the Solution Explorer, the panel will be empty; in another case, you will see the properties of the selected item.

Open the Properties window from the Main Menu

  • right-click on any item in the Solution Explorer and select the Properties option (the Alt+Enter hotkey).

Open the Properties window from the Solution Explorer

The first action, in any case, opens the Properties window, the last two open the Properties window or it becomes active if you selected a file or page, and if you selected a solution or project, they open the Property page.

The Properties window

Content of the Properties window

The content of the Properties window depends on the item that you selected:

  • the file's properties contain all the content related to the file's properties,
  • the properties of a folder consist of only the folder name,
  • the project's properties include the name of the project's file and its location,
  • the solution's properties display such information about the solution as the name, active config, description, path, and startup project.

Here you can find all necessary information about the selected item divided into blocks:

  • the name of the selected item,
  • the menu buttons:
    • Categorized order of the properties sort the data in the categorized order,
    • Alphabetical order of the properties sort the data in the alphabetical order,
    • open the Property page if a solution or project is selected,
  • Advanced properties:
    • Build Action — how the selected item relates to the build and deployment process,
    • Custom Tools — the tool that transforms the item at design time and places the output of that transformation into another file. This field may be empty,
    • Custom Tool Namespace — the namespace where the output of the custom tool is placed. This field may be empty,
    • SubType — the type of the item,
  • Misc properties:
    • File Name — the name of the item,
    • Full Path — location of the item,
  • the message box with the tooltips to each property.

Properties of a project or solution

You may explore the properties of a project or solution in more detail. For this purpose, use the Property Page.

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