Removing Files

Removing files from a project can be done by:

  • pressing the Del button when an item is selected in the Solution Explorer,
  • the action Delete from the context menu in the Solution Explorer,

Delete file from the context menu

  • via the Main menu: Edit ⇒ Remove.

Delete file from the main menu

NB: If Salesforce would deny a file deletion (due to errors or any other reason), the file won’t be deleted from the project and the file system.

You can select as many files to delete as you need.

Multiple deletions from the Solution Explorer

You will get the appropriate window in the wizard. At the first stage, you will see the list of files, which will be deleted from your TWS project. You can check this list, and after clicking the Next button and the process will fire.

The list of deleted files

During the process of deleting, you have the option to abort this process. Click on the Abort button in the wizard's window.

Abort the deletion

At the end, you will get the list of the same files with their deletion statuses, so if it was impossible to delete some of the files, you will see the 'failed' status and the reason behind this. You are also able to filter any column by clicking on the 'Filter' icon next to the column's name.

Multiple delete

NB: The deletion of several items works with files from your Salesforce Organization, and doesn't include local files, such as Anonymous Apex files and SOQL queries.

You also are able to delete a folder. This action is available from the context menu of the folder and by the Del button.

NB: Please note, the folder that you want to delete should be empty. If it contains any files, this action won't be available. You need to move your files to another folder or delete them first

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