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 **In this section:** **In this section:**
-  * [[windows:​how_does_it_work:​installation_guide:​windows|Installation of the Windows version of The Welkin Suite]] --- a detailed guide through the installation ​for Windows+  * [[windows:​how_does_it_work:​installation_guide:​requirements_windows|Requirements for The Welkin Suite for Windows version]] --- all the technical requirements for the installing ​of The Welkin Suite into Windows OS, 
-  * [[windows:​how_does_it_work:​installation_guide:​mac|Installation of the Mac version of The Welkin Suite]] --- a detailed guide through ​the installation for MacOS+  * [[windows:​how_does_it_work:​installation_guide:​install|The Welkin Suite Install]] --- a detailed guide through the installation ​process
-  * [[windows:​how_does_it_work:​installation_guide:​auto-update|Auto-updater of The Welkin Suite]] --- all about the automatic ​update of the IDE,+  * [[windows:​how_does_it_work:​installation_guide:​possible_additional_checks|Possible additional check]] --- if you faced with some warnings during the installation,​ this section is designed to help you, 
 +  * [[windows:​how_does_it_work:​installation_guide:​uninstalling|Uninstalling The Welkin Suite]] --- how to uninstall The Welkin Suite, 
 +  * [[windows:​how_does_it_work:​installation_guide:​update_to_production|Update to the production ​version of The Welkin Suite]] --- hoe to update to the production version of The Welkin Suite, if you still you the Beta version
 +  * [[windows:​how_does_it_work:​installation_guide:​auto-update|Auto-updater of The Welkin Suite]] --- how the Auto-update ​service ​of The Welkin Suite works.
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