Auto-updater of The Welkin Suite

The Welkin Suite IDE is automatically updated to the newly version, so you don't need to check for the updates each time the new version of the application is released.

The Auto-update service is installed along with the IDE. Once you signed in to The Welkin Suite, the Auto-update service checks for updates at The Welkin Suite's website and repeat this action every three hours.

Technically, this process goes the following way:

  1. the Auto-update service checks if a user is signed in to The Welkin Suite,
  2. if the login is active, the Auto-update service logs in to The Welkin Suite's website with the user's credentials and checks for the updates,
  3. if the updates are present, the Auto-update service downloads them; if not, the service will repeat the operation in three hours,
  4. after the next start of the application, the updates will be installed.

In case, if the user isn't signed in to The Welkin Suite but the application is running, the Auto-update service will check for the active login every 30 minutes.

NB: If you're using two opened applications at different PCs at the same time, you need to force the Auto-update service to get the updates. For examples, you work at your office, leave the application opened and then sign in with your credentials at your home PC. In this case, the application at your work PC won't be updated till you force the Auto-update service.

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