Update to the production version of The Welkin Suite

If you're using the beta version of The Welkin Suite and want to change it to the production version, The Welkin Suite gives you an ability to manage the auto-update settings just in a few clicks.

To get access to this option, navigate to Main Menu: Help ⇒ About The Welkin Suite and click on the Auto-update settings.

Open the auto-update settings

You will get the window, where you can choose whether you want to get the production version of TWS automatically after it is released, or you would like to stay with the current version without any changes.

Auto-update settings

If you want to enable updates, tick off the checkbox Disable updates and fill the Email field. The Welkin Suite will be updated to the latest version. In addition, we will email you all of the details

if you want to stay with the beta version, tick the checkbox Disable updates. The automatic updates of the IDE will be stopped, and TWS 0.30.17 will stay on your computer.

To apply settings, click the Apply button.

You can also share the reason for your decision. Fill the fields Reason and Email fields before applying the settings.

As a side note, we will provide the support for the 0.30.17 Beta version of the IDE, however with a lower priority than subscribed users.

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