External Tools Support

With the help of the External Tools you are able to easily add the third party tools that you use to The Welkin Suite’s menu, for example:

  • different Ant tasks,
  • minimizers or beautifiers for Javascript / CSS files,
  • your own custom tools and scripts.

External Tools in the Main Menu

This option allows you to work with your favourite application for development in a single IDE. You can forget about switching between different windows, all you need now is available from the Main Menu of The Welkin Suite.

External Tools window

To begin the work with the External Tools you should navigate to the Main Menu: Tools ⇒ External Tools. The window that you will see allows you to add the new one or to manage your present external tools.

External Tools window

Here you can find:

  • all the commands that you've already added to the menu item,
  • the abilities to manage the commands: ordering, adding, and deleting.

Adding a new external tool

You need to fill only several fields:

  • Title — the custom name of your tool,
  • Command — the execution operation of you tool; this can be an .exe, application, bat or powershell script, etc. Using the button next to this field, you can open an existing file,
  • Arguments — this section allows you to specify a necessary information for your tool; it can be a file, project, solution, some text, position of your cursor in the code, etc.. Using the button with arrow next to this field you can select an argument from a predefined list,
  • Initial directory — the folder where your tool is located. Using the button with arrow next to this field you can select a directory from a predefined list.

After all the fields are filled, click the Apply button. The new tool will appear in the list in the higher part of the window. Move it if needed and then click the OK button.

On of the additional abilities for your external tool is to use Output window. If you mark the appropriate checkbox, the messages from your tool are displayed in the TWS Output panel.

Custom hotkeys for external tools

In addition, you have the ability to set your custom hotkey for a favourite tool, using the standard Windows behaviour. In the Settings window for the tool put & + the letter for calling this tool. As a result, you will be able to call the tool by using the Alt+T, [letter] hotkey. For example, the Alt+T, D hotkey opens the Tools menu, and then, for our case, the Ant Deploy tool.

Custom hotkeys for external tools

In addition, thanks to the support for the external tools you can pass different information about the project or current file to the external tools as arguments.

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