Logging in TWS

During your work, The Welkin Suite writes different logs, which may be helpful for you in solving some productivity issues or finding the reason of crashes. There are five types of logs:

Log file Description Location
1 TheWelkinSuite*.log This is a general log of TWS. This log is written when you work in The Welkin Suite. It is archived if the size of the file is more than 10 MB. Max files count is 3. %ProgramData%\TheWelkinSuite\Application\
2 ActivityLog.xml This log file is written by Microsoft Visual Studio IsoShell when you start The Welkin Suite, and it is re-written when you re-open TWS. To open a log file as a table, a representation ActivityLog.xsl should also exist near ActivityLog.xml file. %AppData%\Microsoft\AppEnv\12.0\ 1)
3 MsBuild_SOMEGUID.failure This log is created when TWS crashes. %temp% 2)
4 TWS_Installation.log This log is created by the installation process. Installator: %LocalAppData%\The Welkin Suite\Installation\
AutoUpdater: %ProgramData%\TheWelkinSuite\UpdaterService\
(after R9)
(after R1)
%temp% (0.30 and older) 3)
5 IsolatedShell*.txt (after R1) This log file is created by Visual Studio Isolated Shell installation. %LocalAppData%\TheWelkinSuite\Installation\
(after R1)
_isoshell*.txt (0.30 and older) %temp%\{2D99DBE4-E25C-4EE4-B998-BFE1B7B9AC54}\ (0.30 and older) 4)
6 UpdaterService.log (after R1) This log is created by TheWelkinSuiteAutoUpdater service. It updates TWS to the latest version. %ProgramData%\TheWelkinSuite\UpdaterService\
log.txt (0.30 and older) %programfiles(x86)%\The Welkin Suite\The Welkin Suite\UpdaterService\ 5)

This also may be useful:

1) By default, %AppData% variable has the value C:\Users\%user_name%\AppData\Roaming\
2) , 3) , 4) By default, %temp% variable has the value C:\Users\%user_name%\AppData\Local\Temp
5) By default, %programfiles(x86)% variable has the value C:\Program Files (x86)\
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