Built-in Command Line

SalesforceDX starts with the command line, that's why The Welkin Suite offers you the Built-in Command Line right into the IDE, so you don't need to switch to 'cmd' to execute some commands. The Command Line is available from the in the Main Menu: View ⇒ Command Line.

Open the Command Line panel from the Main Menu

In the Command Line panel, you have regular Windows cmd, so you can execute there not only SFDX related commands.


By default, when you open the Command Line, your working directory is set to your project's directory.

In the toolbar of this panel you have the following options:

  • Open standard Windows CMD icon open standard Windows CMD in the currently active directory,
  • Clear output icon clear output.

In case if any errors would appear during executing something in the command line, the IDE will highlight them in a red color. If you'd like to change this color, you can do this in the Options menu: navigate to the General ⇒ Fonts and Colors and find Command Line - Text or Command Line - Error items.

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