Known limitations related to Salesforce DX projects

Currently, there is still not every feature of the IDE available for SFDX projects. As the changes brought to us by SFDX approach require a significant amount of work, we will keep working in this direction, however, please find the list of disabled features or features with limited functionality for DX project below.

  • Local History and Version Control panels, and also PMD Apex Support, and Deploy to another org features are currently disabled.
  • Built-in previewer for Lightning Components and Applications editor is temporarily disabled.
  • Apex Retrospective Debugger, Apex Profiler, and the Go to source option from debug logs are not yet available due to the completely changed amount of information in a project definition file and in order to avoid significant performance drops.
  • Unit tests results, that appear directly in the Apex editor, options to execute unit tests directly from the Apex editor, as well as navigation from the Test results panel to Apex classes is not working for SFDX projects due to the loose (or absent) connection between project and organization. This will be enabled later.
  • Due to the decomposition of sObjects into separate fields in the SFDX approach, the sObjects Inspector is also temporarily unavailable for SFDX projects.

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