Using The Welkin Suite's existing features with Salesforce DX projects

The Welkin Suite aims to deliver the best tool to its customers. This is why almost all the features of the IDE you still can use in the work on SFDX projects, with just a few small changes.

  • Content of a project is not defined by a '.sfproj' or 'package.xml' files — instead of this, The Welkin Suite monitors a project folder and automatically updates the Solution Explorer with any changes that happened in a file system.
  • For Test Results, Code Coverage, and Logs panels in addition to regular projects you can see a root-level item corresponding to a current default scratch organization. This means that if you have a default scratch org, this three panels monitor the given organization and show you everything as for a usual project. In the case when you change a default scratch organization, these panels reflect the change with a minimal delay.
  • sObjects and Custom Settings definitions for the Apex Code Assistance functionality are retrieved for a default scratch organization. In the case when you switch a default scratch org, the IDE retrieves these details for a new org in a background and shows you corresponding completions after a small delay.
  • Execute Anonymous Apex and SOQL Executor are also working with a default scratch organization.
  • Pending Changes panel is disabled for SFDX projects since this information is handled by SFDX CLI and it is not available for TWS.
  • Regular Pull from Salesforce option is not available for SFDX projects because there is no direct project-organization connection — instead, you can pull sources from a certain organization using the Organizations Manager panel.

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