Create a new branch

In order to create a new branch, you should expand the New branch item (or use the context menu). Enter the name of the branch and select the parent branch from the drop-down list below. There are also additional options here:

  • Checkout branch — this item allows switching to the new branch right after creating,
  • Track branch — this item allows tracking the new branch, so your pull and push command will refer to it.

These options are checked by default, but you can deselect these if you don't need.

When you set up all the options, click the Create branch button. If you want to go back, click on Cancel.

Create a new branch

NB: If you have changes that you haven't committed yet, you won't be able to create the branch.

Commit before creating

When the branch is created successfully, you will see a list of branches with the new branch. Also, if you checked the Checkout branch item, you will see the following message.

The branch is created successfully

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