Modifying .gitignore file

Often, you have a group of files that you don’t want Git to add automatically or even show you as being untracked. In this case, you can put such files into the .gitignore file.

You can open the .gitignore file from the Settings tab.

Open .gitignore

The .gitignore file is created automatically and by default it is empty. Click Open .gitignore, and this file will be opened in the editor. You can specify a list of files you do not want to track using the standard rules for the patterns.

The Welkin Suite also includes its own rules of ignoring into the .gitignore file. By default, they are:

  • */.localHistory — all log files of the Local History,
  • *.sfuo — The Welkin Suite's information about user settings (like panels location and so on),
  • TestCache.xml — a file with a cache of test lists,
  • TestsResultsCache.xml — a file with a cache of test results.

To include these exceptions into .gitignore file, click Update .gitignore. You need to do this only once when setting up the integration with Git. When the file is updated, you will see the following message.

.gitignore was updated

After editing the .gitignore file click Update .gitignore one more time to be sure you have everything up-to-date.

.gitignore is up-to-date

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