Resolve merge conflicts

The Welkin Suite helps you to resolve all merge conflicts that usually occur when you are working on the same functionality as your colleagues are working.

Resolve conflicts

In the Conflict resolving tab of the Version Control panel, you can find which files have conflicts that you need to resolve. If you are sure what piece of code is causing the conflict, you can select the source file by clicking on Use source's or the target file by clicking on Use target's. Also, you are able to undo the merge and come back to it later by clicking on Undo Merge.

Clicking on Resolve will open a Diff view for comparing the two versions.

After the conflict is resolved, you need to commit the changes before pushing to the remote. Click on the Proceed button.

Conflicts were resolved

You will see a panel with the usual commit functionality. The merge target and the descriptions of the conflicts are written in a commit message. Click Commit to finish.

Merge is ready to be committed

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