Singularity of the using remote Git repositories (like Github)

Some cases of the using Github and similar remotes can cause the failed build process in the IDE. The reason for it is that some files may have Windows line-endings while the standard format is Unix line-endings. So, when you pull somebody's project from Git repository, you can have all the files marked as changed and included into a Pending Changes list, and build fails because of reaching the record limit into a call.

To avoid this please follow the next instructions.

  1. After each creation and / or initialization of Git repository you should add or modify autocrlf property to input value (autocrlf=“input”) in .git/config file ([core] section). You can pull from Git only after this action.
  2. If some files on SF have Windows line-endings after Git pull, you will have pending changes of these files. You should build them and after succeed build commit the updated .sfproj file.

Example of .git/config file

bare = false 
filemode = false 
symlinks = false 
ignorecase = true 
logallrefupdates = true 
autocrlf = input

In this section:

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