Version Control panel

In order to access the Git functionality, you need to open the Version Control panel from the Main Menu: View ⇒ Show Version Control.

Show Version Control from the Main Menu

If Version Control isn't enabled for your project, you will see the following message.

Version control is not enabled

Follow the instructions in the How to start working with a Git repository from TWS section and set up Git support.

After the integration is successfully finished, reopen your project and then the Version Control panel.

Version Control Menu

In this panel you have access to the following views:

  • Changes — a list of all changed files; options to commit, compare or discard changes,
  • Branches — a list of all local branches; options to create new ones, switch and merge branches, view branch history,
  • Sync — a list of local commits, which are not present on the remote; and options to push or pull changes to / from the remote,
  • Settings — options to change the username and email address, and the ability to modify the .gitignore file with TWS-specific entries.

During your working process, you can be faced with 2 additional views:

With all these options you have full control over the changes directly from the IDE.

In this section:

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