Local History panel

To start working with the Local History functionality, you can enable the Local History panel in two ways:

  • the Main Menu: View ⇒ Show Local History

Open the Local History panel from the Main Menu

  • the Solution Explorer: by right-clicking any item and selecting Show Local History in the context menu

Open the Local History panel from the context menu

The displayed list of versions

In the Solution Explorer, you can select any file as well as a folder or even a project. The Local History panel will display all the versions along with any changes to this item (a file, folder, or project). According to this, you can see different sets of the versions in the Local History panel:

  • if you select a file, you will see the versions that affect only this file,
  • if you select a folder, you will see all the versions that affect any file in this folder,
  • if you select a project, you will see all the versions of this project.

The Local History panel

Additional options

By default, the Local History panel is opened as a separate window, but you can place it in The Welkin Suite wherever it fits your needs the most.

The list of versions is sorted in a chronological order. Near each version, there are 2 options available:

  • Show Details — it opens the Local History Details panel, where you can find all the details related to the changes: type, date, list of files, and so on,
  • Comparе — it opens a diff viewer that allows you to compare revisions. This button is active only when the selected item in the Solution Explorer is a file, and it allows you to compare the selected version of the file with the current one.

In addition, you have the ability to restore a file from its context menu in the Local History panel. Open the Local History for the file that you need and select the Restore option in its context menu.

Restore from the Local History panel

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