Tools in TWS

The Welkin Suite gives you almost unlimited possibilities of developing the perfect code. A wide range of tools from right out-of-the-box allows working with different code languages as well as with the Lightning components and applications. With the help of the tools of TWS you are able to execute unit tests, SOQL queries, and Anonymous Apex instantly and just in a few clicks discover code coverage, debug code, and view logs.

In this section:

  • Synchronization of the project structure — an ability to synchronize the structure of your project with Salesforce,
  • SOQL Executor — a handy tool to learn about the results of a complex query before putting such a query in a code,
  • Anonymous Apex — an excellent tool for testing new functionality or debugging your code without building this code to the org,
  • Tests — all about how to run unit tests and view their results without interrupting the development process,
  • Code Coverage — this option helps you to understand which part or parts of your code are actually covered by unit tests and which need your attention,
  • Debug Logs Viewer — a suitable tool for exploring the log files in different ways,
  • Apex Retrospective Debugger — when you need to understand how your code works in reality, the Debugger is the best solution,
  • Apex Profiler — a tool for analyzing the performance of your code,
  • Lightning components and applications — develop Lightning applications and components directly in the IDE with all necessary tools right out-of-the-box,
  • Tasks List — a great way to keep all your tasks at hand, whether they're parced from comments or created by you,
  • Wave Analytics — a special type of a project for developing vizual presentation of data,
  • Ant Support — it helps you to make your build and deploy process more comprehensive, quick and robust,
  • Data Loader — load, update, or delete a huge amount of data to your org,
  • Schema Explorer — a tool for exploring a structure of any object in your project,
  • Static Resources Management — manage all of the static resources from your Salesforce project directly in the IDE,
  • Custom Metadata Records Editor — modify records of your Custom Metadata in the IDE,
  • Web Search — a handy feature that gives you the ability to search in web directly from the IDE,
  • Onboarding Tips — useful tips about the functionaity of The Welkin Suite,
  • Options menu — all about Options menu of The Welkin Suite where you can totally customize the IDE.

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