Custom Metadata Records Editor

You have an ability to modify records of your Custom Metadata in the IDE in two different ways:

  • Editing existing records in a plain XML,
  • Editing existing or adding new records using the Custom Metadata Records Editor.

You can open the Custom Metadata Records Editor from the Main Menu: Tools ⇒ Edit Custom Metadata Records.

Custom Metadata Records Editor

On the left side of the Custom Metadata Records Editor, you can see a list of projects in your solution with child items representing different Custom Metadata objects. Once you select any of them, on the right sight of the editor you will see a table with the records that are available locally in your project. You can edit any existing record by double-clicking on any field and changing the value there.

To create a new Custom Metadata record, just double-click on any cell in an empty line below the list, fill in values, and it will be ready for deployment to Salesforce once you're done.

In the context menu for each cell in the table you can find the following options:

  • Set the value for the whole column — 'bulk' apply the value from a selected field to all of the other records,
  • Set value to Null — if a selected field is Nilable, this option will set its value for the record to Null,
  • Set original value — reverts back the original value of a cell if you have modified it,
  • Remove record — if you have added a new record to the table but have not yet deployed it, you can remove it with this option.

All the changed cells will be highlighted with a different background. You will also see a change indicator in the list of Custom Metadata on the left side: if any record was changed or added for a certain Custom Metadata object, there will be a visual marker near its name in the list so you won't miss what was changed.

Custom Metadata Records Operations

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