Data Loader

The Welkin Suite allows you to instantly load, update, or delete a huge amount of data to your org. With the help of the Data Loader feature, it's available just in a few clicks!

Data Loader provides you with such handy options:

  • an easy-to-use wizard,
  • a batch mode interface with database connectivity,
  • support for large files with up to millions of rows,
  • drag-and-drop field mapping,
  • support for all objects, including custom objects,
  • detailed success and error log files in CSV format,
  • a built-in CSV file viewer.

When importing data, Data Loader reads, extracts, and loads data from comma separated values (CSV) files. For this purpose, it uses Bulk API, which allows making it simple to process data from a few thousand to millions of records.

Start Data Loader

This feature is available in two ways:

  • the Main Menu: Data Loader ⇒ Import data to the org

Data Loader from the Main Menu

  • the context menu of a project.

Data Loader from the context menu

Loading process

The list of the available actions within the Data Loader functionality includes:

  • Insert — add new data,
  • Update — rewrite existing data,
  • Upsert — rewrite existing data and insert new data,
  • Delete — delete data.

Data Loader

Once you've selected an action, you'll see all the main objects present in your org's database. Select the type that you want to fill in with data. If you didn't find a necessary object, for this case here is the checkbox Show all Salesforce objects. On this step, you also need to select on your PC a CSV file with all necessary information.

Select data objects

The next stage is selecting a necessary field on your object to use for matching — you'll see the mapping window. The Welkin Suite offers you two option: to fill the fields manually by drag-and-drop, or to make it automatically by clicking the 'Auto-Match Fields to Columns' button. Also, you can clear mapping, choose an existing map, and save mapping for future using.


When the loading process is finished, you will see the appropriate message with all the success and error records. In addition, The Welkin Suite gives you the ability to save the results as a CSV file.


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