Apex Retrospective Debugger

A debugger is a handy tool when you need to understand how your code works in reality, especially when time is of the essence. Of course, you also can dig through the logs, but in most cases, they are large and difficult to read. The Welkin Suite's Apex Retrospective Debugger is made to provide you with a debugger interface when working with Salesforce log files, unit tests, and Anonymous Apex files.

The Apex Retrospective Debugger uses the information from the Salesforce Debug Logs set to the highest detailing levels — Finest and Fine.

With the help of the Debugger you can get all the necessary data about the execution of your code, as well as about various processes in the org, namely:

  • which lines of code were executed,
  • all methods and constructors calls,
  • initialization and value assigned to variables, including objects with lists.

However, there are some limitations at the moment.

You're able to customize a behavior of the Apex Retrospective Debugger in the Options menu. To do so, navigate to the Main menu: Tools ⇒ Options ⇒ Debugging.

In this section:

  • Debugger UI — an overview of the Debugger's interface,
  • Required log levels — this section describes which log levels you need to set to execute the debugging of different types of logs,
  • How to debug — the detailed instructions to the debugging process,
  • Breakpoints — this section describes all about the breakpoints including all the abilities to manage them,
  • Navigation through the debugging — different options to navigate through the debug process,
  • Locals — all about the main information of the debugging — the locals,
  • Call stack — this section describes how to trace your way through the execution of the Debugger,
  • Debug Logs window — an ability to trace a log during the debugging process,
  • Governor limits window — an ability to trace used limits during the debugging process,
  • Exceptions in the Debug Mode — all about the exceptions that you may catch during the debugging process,
  • Known limitations — all the limitation related to the Apex Retrospective Debugger including Salesforce limits.

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