Breakpoints panel

You can find a list of all the breakpoints that you have set in your solution in the Breakpoints panel. This panel is placed on docks with the Locals panel in the left bottom corner of the window by default.

The Breakpoints panel

The Breakpoints panel is automatically opened when you start debugging, but you can yo open it manually:

  • from the Main Menu: Debug ⇒ Windows ⇒ Breakpoints,
  • using the Windows button on the Debug toolbar,
  • by pressing the Ctrl+Alt+B hotkey.

In the Breakpoints panel you can see all the data related to the breakpoints:

  • Name — the name of the breakpoint. Usually, it is equal to the line where the breakpoint is set.
  • Language — the language of the code where the breakpoint is set,
  • File — the file that contains the breakpoint.

All the conditions of hitting the breakpoints are also displayed in this panel:

  • Labels — the label of the breakpoint, it is used to sort and filter the list of breakpoints,
  • Condition — when and where the breakpoint executes,
  • Hit Count — how many times the breakpoint will be hit,
  • Filter — the filters for hitting the breakpoints based on a thread, process, and / or machine,
  • When Hit — what happens with the debugging process when it reaches the breakpoint,
  • Function — the specific function that stops the debugging with the help of the breakpoint,
  • Address — the specific address that stops the debugging with the help of the breakpoint,
  • Data — the specific data that stops the debugging with the help of the breakpoint,
  • Process — the specific process that stops the debugging with the help of the breakpoint.

Currently, the managing of the conditions is unavailable.

You can set the displaying of only whose columns that you need right now. Click on the Columns button and select the necessary ones.

Set the columns

In addition, you are able to sort the data in all the columns in ascending or descending order — click on the header of the column that you want to sort.

Searching and managing breakpoints

You have the ability to filter the breakpoints to match the concrete criteria and enable / disable or delete the whole scope. To do this, use the controls at the top of the Breakpoints panel.

Search in the Breakpoints panel

Type your search request into the Search input and select the column that will be the source for searching from the drop-down list In Column. To cancel the search request click on the Reset button

Using the buttons of the Breakpoints panel, you are able to:

  • Disable all breakpoints disable or enable all the filtered breakpoints,
  • Delete all breakpoints delete all the filtered breakpoints.

You can use this panel for navigation through the code — just double-click on the breakpoint, and the editor will be focused on the line with this breakpoint.

The additional way is to select the breakpoint and use the Go to Source Code Go To Source Code button. It is available through:

  • the button in the breakpoint panel,
  • the context menu of the breakpoint,
  • the Alt+F9, Shift hotkey.

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