Exceptions in the Debug Mode

The Apex Retrospective Debugger helps you not only to trace the whole execution flow but also to catch all the exceptions and errors within your code. When the debugging process reaches any exception, you will get the dialog box with a notification, an error message, and a tip about a type of an error. There are two types of these errors:

  • Exception Thrown — a handled exception; in this case, you can break the debugging to explore the issue or continue debugging,

Exception Thrown

  • Fatal Error — an unhandled exception; the Debugger shows a notification only with one available option Break. After you've pressed the Break button, you will see the notification page with a message that the code is not running. To continue debugging you should use the navigation options, but to make your code valid you should solve the current issue.

Fatal Error

You can easily discover the execution of your code and find all the points that may cause issues with the help of this functionality.

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