Creating new bundle's items

You can create new bundle's item either during the creation of a bundle or to an existing one. In the second case, in order to create new items of the bundles, you have such options:

  • using the Add button in the Lightning Bundle Explorer: when a necessary bundle is selected, the drop-down menu of this button will provide all possible items that can be created inside the bundle (the item that are already present in this bundle will be disabled),

Add new bundle's item from the Add button

  • using the context menu of a bundle in the Lightning Bundle Explorer: you also will get the drop-down list with all the available options,

Add new bundle's item from the context menu

  • using the Show only existing files button in the Lightning Bundle Explorer: toggle off this button, and in addition to existing items you will see the yet to be created items with the plus icon. When you double-click on such files, they will be created on the Salesforce and locally.

Show only existence files

When the creation is finished successfully, you will get the notification message, and the created file will be opened in the editor.

NB: The Welkin Suite will create new bundle items in the same folder on the hard drive of your PC where it's .cmp or .app file is located.

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