Including the existing Lightning components to a project

The Welkin Suite gives you the ability to add the new components to a bundle at any time, either during creation a project or to an existing one.

When downloading a project

In the Download Wizard, the Lightning components are present among other metadata types as Aura Definition Bundle. It contains all the definitions and resources related to the Lightning. Mark this item or select the necessary items from the expanded list, to add the Lightning components to your project in TWS.

Add Lightning bundle when downloading a project

For an existing project

If your project is already present in TWS, to include the Lightning components to it, you can use the Project Metadata Components view (find this in the project's context menu in the Solution Explorer). After you have marked the Aura Definition Bundle metadata here and click thr Apply button, just pull from Salesforce, and the Lightning Components and Applications will be added to your project in the IDE.

Add Lightning bundle from the Project metadata components

Both of these actions will add to your project the Lightning components that are already present on your org. After downloading of the Lightning files, you can find and manage them in the Lightning Bundle Explorer, or in the Solution Explorer (by default, where they are stored in the 'aura' folder, but you can customize their location as you want).

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