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The Welkin Suite provides you with all the necessary tools for a perfect development process. Using them may reduce the time needed for development and enhance the efficiency. At the same time, you are free to change all the default settings of the tools to what is the most comfortable for you.

To open the Options window, navigate to the Main Menu: Tools ⇒ Options.

Options window from the Main Menu

All the options of The Welkin Suite are divided into thematic blocks:

  • Environment — all the settings related to the UI of the IDE, the main functionality, behavior at startup, etc.,
  • Projects — the settings related to the work on projects and solutions,
  • Text Editor — the general settings for all the editors, the settings for each language, and the settings for Code Assistance,
  • Debugging — the settings for the Apex Retrospective Debugger,
  • External tools — the settings for external tools included to the IDE,
  • Version Control — the settings for the Version Control functionality.

Options main

In addition, you can find some necessary option via the search input above the list of the options, or using the Ctrl+E hotkey.

After you set all the options that you want to change, click the OK button to save your settings. If you change your mind and do not want to customize the behavior of a tool, click the Cancel button. All your unsaved changes in the options will be rolled back, and the Options window will be closed.

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