External Tools

The External Tools section of the Options menu gives you the ability to set the merge tool that helps you to compare versions and configure PMD support.


In this section, you can manage all the options for the CodeScan tool in The Welkin Suite, like to set up a ruleset file, etc.

Options - External Tools - CodeScan

Merge Tools

Merge tools help you to find differences between the versions. By default, The Welkin Suite uses KDiff3, which can be installed in a pack with TWS. In addition, TWS supports also the following tools:

  • Araxis,
  • Beyond Compare3,
  • Beyond Compare4,
  • WinMege.

To set the merge tool, do the following steps:

  1. select the necessary tool in the drop-down list,
  2. set the path to the merge tool using the Browse button,
  3. set the Mergetool command,
  4. click the OK button to apply changes.

Options - External Tools - Merge Tools


In the PMD section of the Options menu, you can:

  • set the default ruleset file using the Browse button,
  • check if TWS should run PMD before build if nor set for project,
  • check if TWS should raise build errors on certain PMD issues and set the priority of errors.

Options - External Tools- PMD

In this section:

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