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The Projects section in the Options menu unites all the settings related to the work on projects and solutions.


Here you can set:

  • the locations for your projects, templates of projects, and templates of items. By default, they are equal the location of all the project's files, but you are able to change their location by using the button ,
  • the behavior of the Error List Panel and Output Panel during / after a build,
  • some points of the behavior of the Solution Explorer: tracking an active item, showing a solution, prompt renaming files,
  • showing advanced build configurations,
  • saving new projects after creation,
  • warning when the project location is not trusted.

Options menu - Projects and Solutions


In this subsection, you can manage the option to show / hide project metadata items, and also to collapse the Lightning and Visualforce previewers by default.

Options menu - Projects and Solutions - Presentation

In this section:

This also may be useful:

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