Wave Analytics

Wave Analytics is the Salesforce unique application that allows you to explore and visualize data from not only your org but also external databases and log files. With the help of The Welkin Suite, you have the ability to operate all your analytics datasets, lenses, dashboards, and apps on your org directly from the IDE.

To use all possibilities of Wave Analytics, first of all, you need to enable this app for your org. Open Wave Analytics application from the app menu and click the Enable Analytics button.

Wave project and its components

The Welkin Suites provides you with the special type of projects for working on the Wave apps. During the creation of a project select 'Salesforce Analytics project' as a type of a new project.

Create Wave Project

On the next step, after selecting an environment type, you will be redirected to the login page where you need to enter your credentials: the authentication uses OAuth to avoid storing your security data in a project file. When authentication is successfully finished, you can select the necessary components.

Wave Analytics app operates four types of components:

  • dataset — a set of source data, in CSV or JSON format, currently, it's unavailable in The Welkin Suite,
  • lens — a saved exploration, it's present as a file in TWS,
  • dashboard — a curated set of charts, metrics, and tables, it's present as a file in TWS,
  • app — a folder that contains a group of datasets, lenses, and dashboards.

Select Wave components

So, in the Download Wizard, you see a set of folders (apps) that you can expand to see the lenses and dashboards they include. Here are all the shared folders and your private one — My Private App; it's default and can't be deleted. You can select which components will be downloaded: for example, you are able to download an app with only one lens, leave the rest lenses and dashboards unselected.

In addition, the Subscribe option helps you to have all the files from some application. if you press this button for an app, all the new lenses and dashboards created in the application will be automatically added to your TWS project during the pull from Salesforce.

After you've selected the necessary components, click the Next button to download data. Now you can start working with Wave Analytics in The Welkin Suite.

Managing files in an existing Wave project

You can add necessary files that are present on your org anytime. For this purpose, use the Analytics Project Components feature. You can open this wizard from the context menu of your project in the Solution Explorer or in the Main Menu: Project ⇒ Analytics Project Components.

Add components from the Main Menu

In the opened wizard, select the necessary files, click the Apply button and run the pull from Salesforce.

The same way you can remove some files from your Salesforce Analytics Project in The Welkin Suite. In the 'Analytics Project Components' wizard, disable the necessary files and click Apply. These files will be removed from your project immediately.

Operating Wave items in The Welkin Suite

All your downloaded Wave items are hierarchically displayed in the Solution Explorer, depending on apps.

Wave Components in the Solution Explorer

The Welkin Suite provides you with the following possibilities to work on Wave Analytics items:

Open any file, and you'll see the SOQL query that creates this lens or dashboard: all search parameters, grouping, and filtering if they're present, and a visualization. Below the editor here is a built-in browser where you can preview how your item looks like.

When you make some changes in a file, to see them in a previewer, built these changes first and then click the Reload button.

Wave Lens in the editor

The option to create a new item is currently available only on an org.

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