Editor's Colors Customizations

Editors for all the supported languages provide the Syntax Highlighting functionality with many options for color and font customizations.

For most languages there are some core groups of language elements, that are highlighted, some of the most common are:

  • keywords,
  • strings,
  • numbers,
  • comments,
  • identifiers.

|Editor's Colors Customizations

To change the syntax highlighting settings, open the Options Menu: Main Menu ⇒ Tools ⇒ Options… ⇒ Environment ⇒ Fonts and Colors, where you can find the settings for all supported languages and their elements. For example, Apex has such customizable options as Apex - Annotation, Apex - Comment and so on.

In addition to the syntax highlighting options, you may also change colors of the bookmarks, brace matching colors, search highlighting colors, and many others.

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